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Deficit Mentality

At Nikoleta & Associates, we prioritize uplifting the human experience, embracing the full range of emotions, including those considered unpleasant, such as a deficit mentality. We have observed this mentality, especially in business settings during times of change, and offer guidance for leaders to shift from a scarcity to a growth mindset, supporting themselves and their teams along the way.


Published: May, 2024

In this Knowledge Kernel, we dive deeper into:

  • Understanding Deficit Mentality: Acknowledging and creating shared awareness of tendencies towards negativity, skepticism, and self-doubt that can impact decision-making and behavior.
  • Growth Mindset: Encouraging a shift from a deficit mindset to a growth mindset, being open to possibilities, adaptability, and focusing on learning.
  • Reframing Imposter Syndrome: Translating feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt into opportunities to explore and understand one’s capabilities, embracing continuous learning and growth rather than focusing on mistakes, blame, or thoughts of inability.
  • Uplifting the Human Experience: Promoting transparency, collaboration, and trust by reframing perspectives and leading with authenticity to create greater trust within yourself and your teams.
  • Strengths-Based Approach: Fostering self-empowerment by recognizing and building awareness of individual strengths within teams as an alternative to focusing solely on improvements over natural talents.

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