Organization Development, Coaching & Leadership

A 'Coaching to the Organization' Approach: Grounded in Systems Thinking for Strategic Success.

Our expertise in organizational development, coaching, and leadership is applied through various methods. These include Business Capability and Learning Strategy, Organization and Leadership Development Programs, and leveraging a Strengths-Based Approach.

CliftonStrengths® for Individuals & Teams

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CliftonStrengths® for Individuals & Teams

Our Capability Services

Future of Corporate L&D

In the evolving business landscape shaped by new tech trends, we adapt our perception of talent and structure. With a focus on continuous learning, we provide strategies for innovative learning and development, aligned with your organization’s objectives.

Service Offering

Leveraging strategic research and organizational direction to inspire the integration of learning and
development within your context.

Providing frameworks to help mobilize leaders, teams, and individuals around your strategic initiatives.

Envisioning processes to identify possibilities for roles and functions, with an eye on modernization and integrating key trends within the business space.

Coaching Systems & Processes

Grounded in systems thinking, our ‘coaching to the organization’ approach helps groups realize strategic objectives. This method facilitates rapid adaptation to new ideas, effective communication, and team growth in a trust-based environment, regardless of the company’s age or origin.

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Enable cross-functional communication and collaboration to create cohesion and unify efforts in a shared context.

Foster spaces that encourage greater transparency, authenticity, and sharing among teammates to identify common themes and areas that may be collectively worthwhile to explore.

Provide guidance and signature frameworks to assist in mobilizing leaders, teams, and individuals around strategic initiatives, resulting in shared understanding.

Organizational Development & Effectiveness

We consider all aspects for organizational effectiveness. Our approach includes effective engagement of individuals and teams, creating a context of co-creation and ownership with strategic application of their strengths towards organizational goals.

Service Offering

Make use of best practices to evaluate organizational design, sustainable performance, career paths,
communication, and team experiences.

Identify and highlight business capability-building opportunities that align with and serve short-term and long-term business objectives.

Support people and culture resource efforts to engage, develop, and align key contributors.

Strategic Analysis & Industry Practices Research

This offering is best implemented at the start of initiatives, ahead of and during strategy planning, at the launch of strategic programs, or before annual planning processes.

Service Offering

Outside-in analysis to give your teams and leaders a perspective of your organization or ecosystem sector.

Conduct qualitative analysis, which can include priority plotting and theme mapping, to reveal the different
elements affecting your product or program.

Provide reports that put the best practices and related research into a relevant context, making them more
engaging and useful to your leaders and their teams.

Communities of Practice

Create engaging learning experiences that go beyond a simple module. By bringing together a group of professionals with shared experiences in a specific field, we design for collective learning and growth, enhancing knowledge and promoting information sharing within the organization.

Service Offering

Identify opportunities to share best practices, create role clarity, and apply subject matter expertise in a way
that develops capabilities contributing to organizational success.

Cultivate and embed a learning attitude within your culture by encouraging and providing opportunities to
collectively share, reflect, and grow together.

Can include “train the trainer” models, whereby we design, facilitate, and coach your organization to sustainably regenerate this capability in an evolving business landscape.

Team Coaching & Facilitation

We promote understanding, collaboration, and guidance, thereby creating a healthy environment for all involved. We actively engage in exploration within safe spaces, effectively dissolving barriers between teams and individuals.

Service Offering

Align leaders with the organization’s broader imperatives by consciously and systemically aligning roles and

Build team capability and provide assistance in acclimating teammates to certain changes, bringing groups together and into alignment.

Provide opportunities for individual and team learning and development, typically grounded in a strengths-
based approach that encourages alignment of interests and capabilities.