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“We’re preparing for a significant next phase of organizational change. How can we ensure high readiness levels across the board? We’re particularly interested in understanding the leadership requirements for this change.”

“As a VC with recent acquisitions, we seek a partner to harmonize diverse cultures into an integrated philosophy reflecting our desired values. Do you offer such services?”

“We’re planning a major restructure in the near term. Could you guide us on how to implement this effectively, especially considering our operating model? We want this transition to be as smooth and as impactful as possible.”

“We need to adapt the best practices for offsite events to fit our specific context. Can you provide recommendations that align with our current and future approaches to offsites? I’m wondering if we can equip the organization with a type of ‘tool-design kit’…”

“We’re keen to strengthen our tech team and understand our strategies better. We need a structured event to boost momentum and follow-up activities around key milestones. Can you assist with that?”

“Could you elaborate on your support for engagement survey implementation, specifically manager enablement, communication, and action planning? Also, how do we leverage CultureAmp’s expertise in our regions and markets?”

“I see you have a strength-based program based on CliftonStrengths. I’m looking to introduce something like this for some of my vertical leaders. Do you have any packages available for both individuals and larger groups?”

“We want to identify modern learning needs across our organization to align with our two-year strategy. Given recent restructures and uncertainty around L&D partnerships, we seek guidance on this process. Where do we start?”