Communication, Alignment & Change Management

Equip your organization and teams to thrive in ambiguity and strategically plan their approaches.

We specialize in Organization Design and Operating Models, Signature Frames and Executive Storytelling, and Adoption & Absorption (like SAS). We are often described as having a modern, innovative take on traditional change management approaches.

Our Readiness Services

Reframing traditional
change strategies

This service is best leveraged by firms and People & Culture (P&C) professionals seeking leadership development and cultural support. Our programming is well-suited for managing strategic initiatives, technology implementation efforts, and merger or acquisition activities.

Service Offering

Develop, coordinate, and facilitate strategic programs with an end-to-end, holistic focus on the business, maintaining a vigilant watch on customer, partner, and team member engagement.

Reframe change management in context to enable leadership development and growth opportunities. Our strength lies in cross-functional and booster teams.

Align and foster leadership and teammate support around
strategic initiatives through storytelling, elevating a shared
narrative and nurturing an environment of inclusion and

Offsite Design and Development

Effective pre-planning, event hosting, meeting facilitation, and analysis allow leaders to engage fully in strategy sessions. With careful experience design and logistics, team focus is directed and objectives are met through clear and intentional planning of activities and events.

Service Offering

Trusted, third-party facilitation allows leaders to step away from front-of-the-room responsibilities to fully participate in shared strategic thinking and alignment.

Beyond social events, team building is achieved within the offsite meeting itself through facilitation. This allows groups to engage in focused discussion, vision and strategy work, or collaborative work. These events are also core to the culture and the ethos of the firm.

Full-experience event planning includes detailed event design and logistics 30-90 days in advance. These efforts can also incorporate existing planning, meeting structures, and traditions.

Enterprise Technology Implementations

Effective enterprise resource planning (ERP) and technology implementation projects require a comprehensive approach that goes beyond technical expertise. This approach considers the role of human beings, change management, and agile philosophies in achieving successful transformation experiences.

Service Offering

We leverage change management expertise within the context of your organization, intentionally focusing on the people side of change. This enables teammates to embrace new systems and processes, drives acceptance and adoption, and encourages realization of shared benefits.

Our Strategic Project Management Office (PMO) expertise scales and enables teams, providing centralized support, capacity, and direction amid new experiences and growth.

Through facilitated collaboration, prioritization, and the establishment of transparent processes, our agile approaches to implementation enable greater flexibility and iterative improvements, remaining responsive to evolving business needs.

Framework Design or Development

A must for making intangible concepts relevant and understandable, we deliver strategic frames that allow your team to comprehend the depth of your message and quickly digest directional information for cross-organizational alignment.

Service Offering

We make use of best practices and research to create frameworks that are contextually relevant to your specific environment and situation.

We distill complex information into clear and concise frames, enabling your team to better appreciate, engage with, and utilize your concepts.

We reflect back your current state, your existing content, or your most recent strategic plans within a frame that provides perspective and, at times, a foundation for interacting with these existing assets in new ways.

Strategic Debriefing and Pause Points

Designed to support learning, leadership, and organizational development efforts, our debriefing session design and facilitation provide a safe discussion structure essential for teams. This encourages a sense of connection, trust, transparency, and forms the foundation for sustainable performance and innovation.

Service Offering

Develop frames, briefs, and pre-reads for team leaders ahead of debriefing sessions.

Plan, organize, and host ‘pause point’ sessions with working teams to create collective thinking and reflection time, resulting in shared understanding and alignment.

Uncover next-generation ideas that have emerged during the course of earlier project work to inform how you and your team can continue to elevate your game.

Meeting Cadence (Rhythm of the Business – ROB)

Business rhythm, meeting cadence, and organizational dialogues shape a firm’s internal experience. Through intentional 1:1s, group talks, offsites, and daily communication, we foster relationships and drive sustainable results.

Service Offering

Establish and orchestrate a flow designed for mutual benefit and interest, supplemented by developmental opportunities.

Provide facilitation in a relevant and impactful rhythm by coaching the organization on core leadership activities that often impact and extend beyond your organization.

Focus on next-generation development, creating meetings that go beyond updates and foster spaces for inspiration, engagement, and thoughtful business discussions.

Future of Organizations + Operating Models

Explore the future of organizations and operating models, delving into innovative structures, emerging trends, and strategies shaping the next generation of business operations for increased effectiveness and agility.

Service Offering

Examine existing resources, capabilities, management processes, meeting cadences, career mapping efforts, skill hubs, and roles and responsibilities to fully understand your organization and its future direction.

Work may also include identifying and outlining the organization’s charter – that is, your organization’s reason for being.

Evaluate current practices and structures to identify elements, including roles, succession plans, and reporting structures, which may need to change in order to progress.