Nikoleta Vlamis

CEO & Founder

As a female entrepreneur in the professional services space, Nikoleta launched her firm, Nikoleta & Associates, in 2013 and has grown the firm together with her team in the technology, retail, and financial services sectors.

Uniquely able to bring clarity and calm in times of emotional flux, Nikoleta promotes an approach for business based on mutual benefit and shared vision. She is experienced as a challenging but supportive leader, with an eye for vigilant process improvement and next-generation visioning.

With Nikoleta’s business acumen and depth of understanding of human dynamics, she brings a refreshing perspective to growth, leadership, and traditional change management topics.

Albazini Van Wyk​

Go-to-Market Lead

With his grounding in design and art, Albazini’s capabilities are well appreciated at the consulting table. In his recent role leading Go To Market for the firm, Albazini and his team spend their time shaping partner strategies and crystallizing the voice of the firm for the market.

Within client engagement, Albazini is recognized for the clarity that his signature visuals offer to executives looking to land impactful narratives, as well as his unique ability to contextualize complex content. This, combined with his strategic insight and analysis, makes any team he is on stronger.

Albazini’s business spirit is entrepreneurial at its core, having spent time at several startups and an employment law firm prior to joining Nikoleta & Associates.

Sophiya Esmail

Consultant, Leadership Alignment & New Markets

Sophiya’s academic studies in Political Science and International Business inherently facilitate a holistic perspective on organizational consulting.

She is currently part of the Consulting Apprentice program, focusing on the Readiness and Capability practice areas. Sophiya collaborates with client engagement teams, playing a key role in go-to-market strategies and thought leadership development.

Sophiya approaches processes and projects with a learning-oriented lens, combined with a steadfast commitment to delivering thoughtful results, always considering the success of her colleagues as she progresses.

Wenchi Wu

Operations Lead, Client Value

Wenchi’s role in Operations is both the foundation and the pinnacle of the firm’s ever-changing tide. Finding ways to create organizational strength that scales – with the human element at the heart – is Wenchi’s day-to-day focus.

Having studied commerce and graphic design, Wenchi’s background aligns well with the demands of the consulting sector. While the nature of operations varies by firm, at Nikoleta & Associates, Wenchi leads her function with a tone of integration, guided by organizational development.

One of Wenchi’s many talents is driving results while simultaneously acknowledging the many human moments along the way. We capture this attitude in the phrase, ‘the small things are the big things.

Kelly Breedon, MIR, RCC

Capability Development Leader

Kelly’s purpose is found in the human experience of business. Kelly’s experience as a Chief People Officer across multiple technology firms has shaped a robust set of perspectives that she brings to any transformation and cultural discussions she participates in or facilitates.

Most recently, Kelly has acquired a certification as a Gallup CliftonStrengths® Coach and is exploring the implications of a strength-based approach to organization and talent processes.

Heather Palm

Senior Organization Change Consultant

Heather has devoted most of her professional career to her passion: organizational design and everything associated with it.

This may include large-scale restructures, mapping out new organizations, and managing the transitions that accompany these changes. As a key member of the team since the firm’s inception, Heather provides guidance and expertise in these areas, both to clients and internally.

Most recently, Heather was a key contributor to the team that delivered HR Due Diligence for a Merger & Acquisition project and is looking forward to the next one.

Rohan Cherian

Fractional Advisor: Digital Channels

Rohan has been building digital strategy growth solutions and leading product design and delivery teams for close to 20 years.

Rohan is a storyteller and digital strategist at heart. His training in top tier consulting firms and respective enterprise clients has laid the groundwork for recent entrepreneurial ventures. Rohan’s vigilant orientation as a life learner underpins all this business success which is sprinkled with a myriad of Rohan’s impactful capabilities.

Aylene van den Eijnden

Consulting Associate

Aylene’s interest and her recent MSc in digital management and business administration provide a solid foundation for her work in digital transformation, organizational readiness, and capability within the consulting practices. Starting in the strategic research team, Aylene has become a core member of the team launching and managing the 18-month business and growth strategy for the firm.

Often playfully, yet kindly joked about, Aylene’s preference for structure and organization, along with her core strength in personal discipline, serves as both a stabilizer and a leader in the projects and processes she participates in. Current expertise that is part of Aylene’s portfolio includes leading the preferred partner development with a Microsoft tech stack organization and shaping the Around the Organization study with a focus on key roles including digital transformation and operations.

Rebecca Kim

Consulting Insights & Research Lead

Rebecca’s background in journalism, customer experience, and data is ideally suited for organizational consulting and analysis. She established the strategic research practice and has since evolved it by building the team and advancing the offering.

Most recently, Rebecca has taken the lead in the end-to-end consulting plan which includes the three practice areas of Readiness, Capability, and M&A HR, as well as People & Culture Due Diligence.

Rebecca is known not only for her commitment to achieving results, but also for ensuring that those results are backed by intentionality and purpose. Sharing her experience and knowledge has been crucial in the growth of her team.

Mayank Shiroya

Go-To-Market Associate

Mayank’s orientation as an Experience and Interaction designer brings new and necessary capability to the team. Mayank’s experience in front-end development, digital channel management, and graphic design specifically adds a strong capability to visual storytelling, which is a key part of Nikoleta & Associates’ client delivery teams.

Mayank joins the GTM team as a GTM Associate. In his current role, Mayank has added this new expertise to the digital publication process, strategic research process, and website sustainment. Most recently, Mayank will also play a role in the re-establishment of the CRM platforms and processes in collaboration with the Operations team.

Victoria Galimanis

Operations Enablement Lead

Victoria was the first member of the Beyond Internship program, launched during COVID. Since then, Victoria has assisted in multiple aspects and projects across the firm, including Go-To Market, Staffing, and Strategic Research. With a degree in commerce with a twist of marketing, Victoria leverages this background day-to-day.

Victoria’s attitude of keeping the needs of the whole business in mind is something the team can always rely on. Most recently, Victoria has been enabling the scaling of the Operations team with both near and mid-term thinking. The capability of the Operations team is core to the quality of client service delivery, the backbone of the business.

Michael Cassatly, DMD

Business & Leadership Coach

Having started his professional career in the medical arena, Michael’s first chapter was as a surgeon in the oral maxillofacial field before he ventured into the leadership coaching domain.

Michael is a patent owner and a published author, most notably in healthcare. The breadth of his experience, from healthcare to scaling a business, and most recently, coaching and advising executives, allows Michael to solve problems and see opportunities from multiple perspectives.

Entrepreneurship and nurturing businesses are integral components of his DNA. What remains consistent is his commitment to partnering with business leaders to support their success, just as he did when helping patients. This is what matters most to Michael.

Devan Moodley

Advisory Board: Finance & Strategy

President & COO at Pllenty Inc.