We are more similar than different.

We are first and foremost human beings.

Context defines meaning.

Context defines the why, who and what of a situation.

Communication is inherently distorted.

Nothing or no one is wrong, seek to understand yourself and others. Try not to blame first.

We do nothing alone.

Have a big vision, and appetite for growth and look to create with others.

Mutual benefit and mutual interest.

Business at its best. Bring your self-interest, share it and explore possibilities.

The small things are the big things.

It may be small in action, but big in our emotional lives.

Nothing imposed ever works.

Our life is a series of choices. Know what works for you and what does not.

Lead with a growth attitude.

Life is learning, both of self and the mastery of your craft.

Emotional time is different than chronological time.

Awareness of the influence of emotional time provides sensitivity and understanding for one another.