A female-owned firm founded in 2013, Nikoleta & Associates is recognized as one of the most innovative boutique management consultancy firms, specializing in change.

Our purpose is to uplift the human experience in business. While we daily seek to understand and hold space for the full human experience, we take action from the ledge of self-authority. Self-authority asks, what is mine to do, mine to learn, and mine to apply.

Known for the way we re-frame change, we build valuable organizational and leadership capabilities resulting in enhanced strategic innovation, trust, and organizational health. Enabling the capacity to see and act on a myriad of possibilities, often not available to most, the firm ensures their clients not only adapt to changes but also accelerate and thrive simultaneously. Technology is at the core of our thinking, with our practice areas in Readiness, Capability, and the people side of Mergers & Acquisitions.

Established in Toronto, Ontario, and while still rooted in North America, including Canada, the US West Coast, and Texas, the firm has a European footprint, most notably in Germany and Amsterdam. Staying with its base in the technology sector, our recent clients now encompass retail and fintech with clients that include Microsoft, Adidas, Zscaler, and Specialized Bicycle Components.

Our Purpose

We uplift the human
experience in business.

Inspired by our client feedback – Hover over each box to learn more.

Holistic View of the Human Experience

Includes the desire to see all aspects of the human experience, both pleasant and unpleasant, with the goal of understanding more fully.


Beyond compliments, we look to shine a light and appreciate the gifts and strengths of others. In a hyper-competitive world, we find this requires vigilance to deliver.

Grounding in Self

We look to understand where we are, meaning where we are psychologically and emotionally. By anchoring here, we make more aware choices and can share what we need to move forward.

Powered by You

From the ledge of self-authority, we ask: What is mine to do, mine to learn, and mine to apply?

Beyond Business Outcomes

We commit to fostering environments that support business success and personal growth, well-being, and generative relationships.

Our Value

By re-framing change, we make valuable leadership and organizational capability possible.

Inspired by our client feedback – Hover over each box to learn more.

Re-framing Change

We know that people are the beginning, middle, and end. Yet, people are often not prioritized as much as we would like to believe. In the heart of our large-scale change and day-to-day change, we stand alongside teams and individuals to see how to move forward together, even when we do not feel like it.


Our clients define what is valuable. Most of our outcomes enhance organizational health, trust, and innovation. By encouraging self-agency, transparency, and alignment with their respective ethos, our clients share that their teams are more capable as a result of our time together.

Leadership + Organizational Capability

By enabling the capacity to see and act where others may not be able to see, we vigilantly ask what is needed to move forward. Often anchored in strategy, and knowing capability takes time, we boost where we can.


We often find ourselves in a default worst-case scenario frame. We look to make a comprehensive view available to business choices, one characterized by our clients as forward-focused, strategic, and mobilized by layers of coaching.

Female-owned since 2013.